New campus ministry chaplain at Mary Washington; grads volunteer as missionaries; and more.
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El mandar un mensaje de texto hace que un conductor deje de mirar la pista por 4.6 segundos, el equivalente a manejar a ciegas por todo el largo de un campo de fútbol americano, a 55 mph. Textear (NOTA AMPLIADA) … more
Often the work of those who endlessly care for the needs of the sick — in nursing homes or at home — goes unseen. It is easy for caregivers to start to feel weary and despairing carrying … more
“St. Francis espoused that God is exhibited to us through His creations, and plants and flowers are a good example of that,” said Ben Hill, the Franciscan Monastery’s resident … more
Texting takes a driver's eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds, the equivalent of driving the length of a football field at 55 mph blindfolded. It also increases the risk for a driver to crash by 23 … more
Entering the winding driveway into Fields of Athenry Farm in Purcellville, visitors learn two things: The statue of Our Lady tells them the farmers are Catholic and the wagging dogs and animal sounds … more
WASHINGTON — Health care centers, doctors’ offices and hospitals provide plenty of advice on the importance of healthy living by extolling the importance of good diet and exercise and warning … more
WASHINGTON — In 2008, the community dedicated to ending hunger globally was rocked when the prestigious medical journal The Lancet published its first series on maternal and childhood nutrition, … more
Washington, where I live, is a government town, and reminders of this fact crop up in places you might not expect. Many cities run ads in their transit systems for consumer goods and services. The … more
“I just don’t want to know,” someone said to me recently, of not wanting to see her doctor about an ongoing symptom. The remark was not an isolated incident. A certain fear seems to be … more
WASHINGTON — Some cooks claim that the “secret ingredient” in their recipes is love, but faith is another intangible ingredient for many Catholic cooks. During the Last Supper, Jesus … more
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