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    Children pack meals at St. Ann Church in Arlington to feed hungry children

    Bishops ask for peace after white nationalist rally turns deadly

    Bishop Burbidge thanks altar servers for their dedication at annual picnic

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    Catholics on Guam pray for peace amid threats by North Korea

    Retired Maronite Bishop Shaheen dies at age 80

    Catholic Relief Services looks to change concept of world's orphanages

  • Catholic Living

    The remarkable life of Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko

    Christians create a different retirement plan

    'Ministry of the Walking Stick' shares insight into God's love

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    Aug 29


    Aug 29

    Bible study

    Aug 30

    Mother of Perpetual Help Prayer Group


    After Trinity Lutheran

    Faith over fear

    Our summer of gratitude


    How are parishes welcoming young adults?

    Persevering in prayer

    Priest holes and history lessons

  • Faith

    Our conversion and the Transfiguration

    What is a dean?

    Dementia and Communion

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    'The King and I' transports audiences at the Kennedy Center in Washington

    Saintly drawings support a life of ministry

    Catholic University to present concert by Sistine Chapel Choir